IT Services

We provide

Our company is formed by well trained and experienced IT team that provides:

- IT Staffing

- Software Development Services

IT Staffing

IT projects require more and more specialized personnel. Is your organization willing to divert focus from its core business and expend capital hiring IT personnel that aren’t a part of the critical activities of your organization? Does your corporate strategy require a slim organization focused on the core business? Is IT part of your core business?


Does the limited number and size of IT projects in your company not justify hiring permanent personnel for carrying out such endeavors? Yet, on the other hand, do you urgently need well-trained and experienced resources to help you complete these projects?


If you’re in any of the above situations, our staff augmentation services are designed to prevent your organization from lost revenues and other forms of wasted capital. IIB Consulting is capable of providing IT personnel (in your facilities or ours using the staff augmentation model) ready to integrate with your IT crew or to deliver the IT projects you require. We deliver outstanding results that will allow your company to achieve its strategic goals.

The thorough selection process we undertake in screening and selecting viable candidates guarantees that your final selection  will be top of the line talent, which will help your firm to achieve its goals. 

Software Development

Our proven Software Development team that includes Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, DBAs, Testers etc. with more than 20 years of experience deploying complex applications for several industries using state of the art software tools allows us to offer outstanding software development services to your organization.

We have experience completing a variety of projects: 

•    Web-based 

•    Mobile Applications 

•    Applications integration

*Our main focus is Web applications using Angular and React frameworks.


We have experience using several methodologies for completing projects, which makes us flexible enough to align to your software development methodology. In such cases that you lack such a process, we can specifically tailor a software development methodology to your project based on specifications and requirements.